Jeremy Ives

Jeremy’s creative perspective and artistry are clearly depicted in his work.

Washington, D.C.

“Photography is so much more than captured imagery, it is art. The art of designing a set, the art of interacting with a model (a subject), and the art of our storytelling. These are paramount in my artistic process and the reason I love photography. The art of photography is my way and it allows me to understand the world from an intentional point of view.
In Upstate NY, I grew up steeped in capturing images of the Adirondacks. I would carry my camera on every trail in search of beautiful landscapes, vistas, and mountain ranges for my film to behold. Little did I know, my path as a professional photographer would begin in these mountains and take me everywhere. Today commercial photography, large event photography, and corporate portraits keep my time full. I strive to tell stories, build brands, and document history while realizing my purpose.”

IG: @jive.shot

Portrait of Jeremy Ives