Kelley Segovia

Kelley was previously the studio manager for the business division of Gittings back in the late 1990’s until she decided to move to the country and start a family.

In 2011 she was contracted to help coordinate and execute our first international project for a large law firm. In 2015 she returned to the team full time to manage the operations of our global division.

Kelley handles everything from coordinating approximately 95 photographer’s schedules (local, national, and international) to delivering final images, and all that happens in between. She is also responsible for, managing client requests, training new team members, and working with the management team to constantly improve and streamline our processes. She takes pride in and is particularly focused on ensuring that our clients consistently receive the professional level of service they deserve and for which our agency is known.

Outside of work, Kelley spends her time telling her teenagers to clean up after themselves, and she strives to teach them the value and importance of integrity and having a strong work ethic.
+1 713 930 1029
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