Nick Coleman

Nick’s authenticity shines through his work.

New York City, New York

“My style is rooted in authenticity, creating spaces where subjects feel truly seen, allowing their real selves to shine through. Each shot is a moment of connection, revealing the deeper stories our experiences tell. I’m not just taking pictures; I’m revealing truths—crafting portraits that resonate with the essence of the individual. My work celebrates the beauty in reality and the unique stories we all carry.

Recognized for my actor headshots by “Backstage” magazine, I’ve also photographed US Presidents and regularly shot top New York law firms and financial institutions. My photography has been featured in leading publications like “The New York Times” and “The New Yorker”. On-screen, I’ve appeared as an actor in notable series such as “Blue Bloods” and “Orange is the New Black”. On stage, I’ve been praised for my “easy comic timing” by the “New York Times”. Despite my varied career, I still marvel at the idea of making a living through the art of make-believe and pretend.”

IG: @colemanphotographix