Barack Ferrazzano Branding Content

Barack Ferrazzano needed B-Roll video footage captured their lawyers and staff in various work settings for their new website. The Gittings Global team worked with the design agency Barack Ferrazzano was working with on the new site to define a visual style for the videos. Once the style was defined, the Gittings Global team did a site visit to identify locations for the shoot and compiled a shot-list for the 15+ staff members participating in the shoot.

In addition to shooting video, the Gittings Global team also shot still photos providing the Barack Ferrazzano marketing team with content for the website and other marketing collateral. Gittings Global delivered final/edited versions of the video and still photos after incorporating feedback from the Barack Ferrazzano marketing team.


“We recently had the pleasure of working with Gittings Global to produce video content for our redesigned website and the entire experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the initial consultation to the final video delivery, their Video Production team demonstrated a level of professionalism that exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Gittings Global for capturing a company’s brand identity and value and using their video skills as a powerful tool for both internal and external communications”

-Sivan Koenig Galinsky, Chief Marketing Officer- Barack Ferrazzano