Reza Behnam

Reza’s years of expertise are seen throughout his work. 

St. Louis, Missouri

“I consider myself a realism photographer. I document what I see with an unfiltered eye. My subject specialties are portraits, landscapes, and architecture exteriors. I approach each subject in the same way- what makes this subject unique at this moment in time and how can I photograph it in a way that lets its uniqueness at that moment appear to the viewer.

By the age of 14, I had lived in four countries and those experiences are the framework for how my life is guided. For 30 years I taught English in public schools. During this time, I opened Shari Photography, with the idea that one day it would become my full-time profession. On retiring from a wonderful teaching career in 2023, my dream was fulfilled. My specialties are portraits, landscapes, and architecture photography.”

IG: @shariphotograph

Portrait of Reza Behnam