At Gittings Global, we understand the importance of encapsulating emotions, aspirations, and narratives in our photography. We recognize the importance of our clients’ personal branding through our visionary style. We find great joy in elevating your brand’s visual narrative. Through exceptional photography, our clients in turn have a lasting impression to their clients. We deliver images that consistently represent your brand narrative. Our tailored and personalized photographic experience allows us to encapsulate your brand narrative.


We offer a tailored approach and personalized service to ensure that every client receives a unique and exceptional photographed experience. We recognize that every client and company is different, and these differences should be reflected in their headshots.

We further recognize that many large companies are not stationed in a central geographic location, but this does not mean their branding should be compromised due to location. A company’s brand should be cohesive regardless of different office locations. In order to insure this is a smooth process, we have built a team of professionals that can handle complex geographic projects, capable of managing national and global firms, with the ability to provide exceptional products and services. Gittings Global has an international network of photographers that have been trained to provide the consistent Gittings quality allowing us to accomplish projects on a global scale. Our services are creative and innovative to allow us to solve client challenges with ease and efficiency.

Clients can rest knowing that our Gittings Global team will do everything in their power to make their experience enjoyable for them. From start to finish, our clients are treated with care and respect. Our world-class photographers are trained to recognize the simple details that make a difference in your headshot such as hair placement and clothing alignment. Our photographers pay meticulous attention to detail that elevates a Gitting’s headshot. We believe in delivering personalized service to every client along with a depth of creativity, clarity, and quality. We acknowledge that executives expect a high level of high-touch and extremely efficient service, and we are here to deliver just that.

We also acknowledge that internal client teams need ease that every element is handled. Our clients can have a peace of mind because of the reduction in client effort. From scheduling to the actual shoot to image cropping and editing, our process is handled seamlessly and catered to your firm’s brand image. The Gittings Global client services team is here to aid in every step of the process leading up to, during, and after your headshot session. After the photographers have completed shooting, our digital team is able to make edits that elevate the image while still being true to the client. The digital team makes the finalizing touches that truly make each individual headshot blend together to create the company’s desired brand image. We always keep the end goal of enhancing both our client’s branding and confidence. Our end-to-end process allows clients to feel confident in their Gittings Global selection.


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